Let Tutor


1-on-1 Online Tutoring Platform

Peer-to-peer face-to-face learning platform via video conference with interaction between teachers and learners

3 Simple steps to join LetTutor class

let tutor find a tutor

Find a tutor

Choose your ideal teacher and experience what it’s like to learn with Let Tutor

let tutor book a session

Book a session

Find the perfect time for your busy schedule. Book lessons in seconds via desktop or mobile

let tutor start learning

Start learning

When it’s lesson time, connect with your tutor through our comprehensive video platform

Let Learn


Online Course Learning

The instructors can create courses on LetLearn by uploading videos, PDFs, audio with course creation tools

Token Distribution

letstudy token distribution chart
  • Token Sale
    500,000,000 LSC(50%)
  • Strategic Development
    250,000,000 LSC(25%)
  • Team and Advisory
    80,000,000 LSC(8%)
  • Airdrop
    10,000,000 LSC(1%)
  • Partnerships
    80,000,000 LSC(8%)
  • Marketing
    80,000,000 LSC(8%)

LetStudy Token Affiliate Program

Share the LSC Launchpad ICO with friends by sending your unique referral link.
20% of BNB invested
You can earn 20% commission when you invite your friends to LetStudy
30% of LSC invested
You can earn 30% commission when you invite your friends to LetStudy
letstudy token logo circle
letstudy token logo circle LetStudy Token
Launchpad Phase 1
Price of $0 USD per 1 LSC
0 Tokens
0 Tokens
Price per LSC in the next phase will be $0 USD! - Increase by 0%
$0 USD raised in total

Our Roadmap

The Roadmap to success

2020 Q4 Concept
  • Concept Generation
  • Settlement of LetStudy team
    Ecosystem infrastructure
    Main site created
2021 Q1 Research
  • E-learning platform started
  • Promotion video created
    White paper completion
2021 Q2 Launching MVP
  • LetTutor started
  • Airdrop LetStudy coin
    Launching MVP LetLearn
    Gain the first 50 video courses for LetLearn
2021 Q3 Token Sales
  • Launchpad ICO
  • Listing on CoinMarketCap
    Release LetLearn on Apple/PlayStore
    Marketing for LetLearn
    Launching LetTutor
2021 Q4 NFT Token & Marketing
  • LetStarter started
    LetExchange started
    The NFT to tokenize video course
  • Integrate LSC payment
    Mass Marketing for LetTutor
    Gain at least 5.000 videos call hours for LetTutor
2022 Q1 LetStarter & LetExchange Development
  • Build features for LetStarter
    Build features for LetExchange
  • Gain 1.000 instructors and 50.000 students for LetLearn
    Gain 1.000 instructors & 60.000 video call tutoring hours per month for LetTutor
2022 Q2 LetStarter & LetExchange Launching
  • Launching LetStarer
    Launching LetExchange
  • Gain 10.000 instructors and 500.000 students for LetLearn
    Gain 10.000 instructors & 600.000 video call tutoring hours per month for LetTutor
2022 Q3 Full Ecosystem
  • Full ecosystem completed

Our Leaders

Meet the founding team behind LetStudy

Hari Pham
CEO & Lead Blockchain

Hari is an entrepreneur and a lecturer at VietNam National University. He works both in the software industry and also at the university to bridge the gap between university and software industry and apply the research that he does at the university.

Khanh Nguyen
CTO & Lead Blockchain

Khanh Nguyen is a lecturer at Vietnam National University. He is a Blockchain Enthusiast with holistic understanding of the fundamental aspects of blockchain technology and prospective use-cases.

Anh Tran
Community Manager

With 6 years of experience in community industry, she used to be in charge of Community manager in NCT and JG venture.

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